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Book review service

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Providing Great Reviews For Your Book

Providing Great Reviews For Your Book


Are you an indie book author? Do you have a great book but are struggling to get readers to notice? Are you wondering how to make your book stand out amongst the sea of competition?

Well, you’re in the right place. You’re likely aware that getting reviews is one of the best ways for your book to succeed, but securing these reviews can be such a long and uncertain process on your own… 

This is where we come in. We help indie books like yours get noticed by providing opportunities for your book to get compelling reviews.  We are a very large team of passionate book readers and writers who’ve helped hundreds of authors get the word out about their books since 2015.  

We pay our large team of reviewers for “reading” your book and then use “word of mouth” advertising to talk about your book through emails. We do not pay our reviewers for putting reviews on Goodreads or Amazon as these companies do not allow "paid" reviews. We are a passionate group of book readers who simply love reading books and to get paid for reading books. 😃  If our reviewers decide on their own to put reviews of your book on any internet sites, it is their personal decision, and it has nothing to do with getting paid to read your book.  

Since our team of reviewers is very large, we are uniquely positioned to provide reviews for books by indie authors. We only accept a select group of books for our reviewers to read, which increases the odds significantly that if your book is selected, then our reviewers will like your book and write positive reviews. You can simply send the name of your book to If your book is selected by us, we will write back to you within a week. We do guarantee to not write negative reviews.

Let’s face it, the book publishing business is very competitive. That’s why having reviews for your book is essential to getting readers interested. 


Get started today by choosing one of our simple and affordable plans! If you have any questions, please reach out to us at or by using the contact form on this page.



What we are

Let a passionate team of readers provide the reviews to get your book noticed.

A Passion for Books

Honest Book Review is made up of a team of readers and writers who understand just how difficult getting a book noticed in today’s marketplace can be. And, while there’s never been a better time to be an author, the challenge is actually getting your book noticed. Let’s face it… it doesn’t matter how amazing your book is if no one reads it, and they’ll likely never do that without some encouragement. Advertising, word of mouth, and garnering favorable book reviews are all important steps in getting readers to notice and click “buy now.”    

A Competitive Industry

As an Indie writer, you won’t have the connections, tools, or budget to promote like a “Big 6” publisher. It’s unlikely you’ll have a publicist sending countless advance copies of your book to the biggest names in the industry in order to generate a huge buzz. What makes the process even more frustrating, is that in order to sell more books, you need more word of mouth and positive reviews, but these require you to sell more books. It’s a Catch-22! How can you, as an indie writer, get your book noticed by more readers? 

The Benefit of Reviews

At Honest Book Review, we’re book lovers with diverse backgrounds and reading tastes. But, we share a common passion for helping Indie authors get their work noticed. Waiting for readers to leave reviews online can take ages… if they ever even do! And, if your book doesn’t already appear to have generated excitement and buzz, why should new potential readers even care? By having compelling reviews, your previously unnoticed book can start generating real curiosity and excitement in the minds of would-be readers. 

We’ll Help You Succeed

Our dedicated group of over 4000+ reviewers are waiting to review books just like yours. Once your book has been submitted for review, it will be sent to our team members best suited to your genre and with the most interest in it. They will then read your book (or books) and provide a written review. This process normally takes 2-4 weeks, with the reviewers posting their reviews as they complete them. Need faster results? Rush orders are available for an additional fee. 

The major benefit of our service is that we organise a team effort in producing reviews. Instead of just one review here and there, you’ll receive between 4-300 reviews posted various sites and Goodreads by our reviewers who’ve PURCHASED and READ your book! All of our reviewers are active Goodreads members and if your book isn’t already listed there, we’ll add it for no extra cost to you. If you didn’t know, Goodreads is the world’s largest book review site!

Get started today by choosing one of our simple and affordable review plans! If you have any questions, please reach out to us at or by using the contact form on this page.


What We do

The Review Process

Our review process is simple and effective. After we choose to promote your book, You can choose how many reviewers you wish to recruit (minimum of 4 reviewers, with a max of 100). They will each *purchase and download an e-copy of your book from Amazon or another online bookseller. *These purchases also help your book’s ranking in the online bookstores.  

After reading your book, each reviewer will write a thoughtful and compelling review of around 100-250 words. These MAY then be posted on the platform it was purchased from (eg: Amazon) as well as Goodreads and any other e-book review portal available to us. You can expect your review to be written and posted within 3-7 weeks of payment. In addition to normal processing, we have a RUSH service which guarantees completion within just 10 business days. 

These reviews then become yours to keep and use however you see fit. Many authors place them on their website or in the opening pages of their book as “blurbs.” You own the reviews, to use in whole or in part.  

Social Media Shout Outs

As an added bonus, all of our reviewers actively tweet about your book to their following of readers. Each of our team members have a minimum of 1,500 social followers who are made up of avid readers, writers, bloggers, etc. (our top reviewer has 100k+ followers!!) Your book will receive a minimum of 5 tweets to your book’s Amazon (or similar) product page (along with the written review) for each reviewer you recruit. Think about the extra value of getting the word out to all these thousands of readers is worth to you...


Get started today by choosing one of our simple and affordable review plans! If you have any questions, please reach out to us at or by using the contact form on this page.


Why Use Us

Why Our Service Beats The Bloggers

As an Indie author, you may have considered (or tried) getting reviews on your own. One common strategy is going the blogger route. This entails sending a free copy of your book to a blogger in the hope that they will write a blurb about it on their site. However, there are a number of problems with relying on this approach.

The most common issues are that most book bloggers are too busy being flooded with book requests or have too few readers to make it even worth the hassle. If a popular blogger does share your book on their site, it’s only likely to be prominently visible for a short period of time. Another book will soon take its place and then who’s likely to ever see it? Conversely, if the blog doesn’t have many readers, your book won’t be seen by very many people anyways. This is the reality of most book blogs today. 

And although working with a blogger is not a bad thing on its own, it shouldn’t be your main method for attracting attention to your book. Why send out free book copies and wait potential months for individual bloggers to hopefully share a blurb? Instead, work with us and we can get your book between 4 and 100 reviews on a major book retailer in a timely manner! This takes the guesswork and hassles out of the equation, allowing you to focus on things you actually love, like writing! Plus these beneficial reviews will remain on your book’s product page forever, allowing them to continue working for your success into the foreseeable future. 

Get started today by choosing one of our simple and affordable review plans! If you have any questions, please reach out to us at or by using the contact form on this page.

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